Biocuration, Translation, Integration

Our team of expert biological curators, augmented by computational tools, maintain and enhance a knowledge extraction and refinement process that delivers an ever-growing set of relevant biological data and its provenance.

Ontologies, Modeling, Knowledge Representation

We develop and promote the use of shared ontologies to describe knowledge in an open and extensible model that is targeted towards machine reasoning. We develop, adapt and apply innovative scientific knowledge management theory and technology to provide computational semantic bridges between disparate knowledge sources.

Bioinformatics, Analysis, Integration

We seek to enable bioinformatic reasoning and clinical decision-making using all the species as well as associated bioinformatic data, including genes, phenotypes, chemistry, drugs, and much more.

About Us

We have forged a cross-disciplinary team of biologists, ontologists, biocurators and clinicians whose goal is to develop open-source informatics solutions that can transform disease diagnosis and discovery. TISL is not a commercial entity; it is not even a legal entity unto itself, but rather a brand new department within Oregon State University. Most of our staff are still in the process of moving over from the Ontology Development Group at Oregon Health and Sciences University; however, Professor Haendel has a joint appointment 75% at OSU and 25% at OHSU.

Melissa Haendel

Director of Translational Data Science at OSU's Linus Pauling Institute

Director of OHSU's Ontology Development Group

Co-director of the NCATS-funded Biomedical Data Translator at OHSU's Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute (OCTRI)

Matthew Brush



Robin Champieux

Scholarly Communication Librarian


Tom Conlin



JP Gourdine

Glycomics & Metabolomics Data Analyst


Daniel Keith

Bioinformatics Semantic Engineer


Julie McMurry

Associate Director, TISL


Tim Putman

Bioinformatics Engineer


Kent Shefchek

Bioinformatics Engineer


Nicole Vasilevsky

Lead Biocurator


Marijane White

Linked Data Librarian


Lilly Winfree

Science and Data Analyst


Letisha Wyatt

Biomedical Research & Data Specialist


Anne Thessen

Biodiversity Informaticist


Our Global Presence

Our core team is based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest at two powerful institutions: Oregon State University and Oregon Health and Sciences University.

Linus Pauling Science Center

CGRB at OSU in the Linus Pauling Institute

Our research facilities are located in the Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing (CGRB) on the Oregon State University campus in the Linus Pauling Institute

School of Nursing

OCTRI at OSHU in the School of Nursing

Our Oregon Health & Science University research facilities are located at OCTRI in the School of Nursing.