Monica Munoz Torres


Curating genomes sparked Moni’s current scientific path, and she now manages software development projects aimed at facilitating how we draw insight from genomic and phenomic data across species. Moni is a highly accomplished genomics scientist with extensive experience at the computer and at the bench. She is a very experienced project manager, especializing in bioinformatics and genome curation efforts, and has been very successful in building and growing communities around genome curation. Moni currently serves as Director of Operations for the Center for Cancer Data Harmonization, a Program of the US NIH’s National Cancer Institute, and also Program Director for the “Phenomics First Resource”, an NHGRI Center of Excellence in Genomic Science. Moni is an Associate Research Professor in the School of Medicine at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, and she is the Program Manager for the Translational and Integrative Sciences Lab (TISLab).